It is NEVER to late to make a CHANGE!

“I’d say you were always sporty,confident and healthy”

(Someone said this to me yesterday)



I was overweight for a stage in my life
When I was deeply unhappy
In an unhealthy relationship
Had zero confidence
Felt like s*it about myself


I never set foot in a gym
Until I was 25 years old
Finished with the relationship
Decided I was worth more

Threw myself in the deep end
Enrolled in a gym instruction course in Dublin 15 years ago

I Knew NOTHING about weights,cardio or
Anything fitness related

Not a clue about the gym environment!

( I had only ever done aerobics classes
with mum in the local community center,
Jayne Fonda style)😂

All I knew was
I wanted to grow,
change and better myself.

So I started on my path to health,fitness and sport
And never looked back!

It’s easy to presume …………

That coaches/PTS/athletes/nutritionist/entrepreneurs

Have always had their sh*t together

Or that they were always outgoing
and living a healthy lifestyle

But often it’s not true.

I made a conscious choice
To get out of a horrible relationship I was in

To educate myself on wellness,health,fitness,sport,nutrition,mindset
So I could feel good about myself.

You can do the same

We can all reinvent ourselves
No matter what we are struggling with❤️
Don’t get stuck in a rut or play the victim

Take action,make a change

Sarah X


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